About Us

Our farm is located in North Beverly on 27 acres of flat, fertile soil and is bordered by the Longham Reservoir and the Wenham Woods.

For over 30 years this farm was operated by the Johnson Family as a choose and cut Christmas tree farm. By the late 90′s, the farm had been long in decline, and when we purchased the property in 1999, the only trees that remained were too big to sell. At that time, we did not have specific plans for the land except that we wanted to preserve the beautiful open space as long as we could.

We planted our first 1,500 trees in 2000, and since then continued clearing land, laying out rows, and planting additional trees. We are now in our sixth year of operation and have over 16,000 trees in various stages of growth.

Although there are other varieties, Balsam and Fraser Fir comprise the majority of trees that we sell. All trees are shaped and sheared, are regularly cared for, and take 6-12 years to reach maturity, eventually becoming one of the trees you select for your home.